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A few days ago, I spent a bit of time with some of the members of ODD  KULTURE an interesting bunch of people I must say. Odd Kulture is a fashion collective consisting of 5 friends who share a common vision and  goal with their expressive style of clothing and fashion taste.  they're based in Carletonville, a small town situated in gauteng. They are passionate beings who want to make a mark and  that's not hard to notice with their very bold and distinctive choice of clothing with mostly a mixture of patterned colours. Not many people would walk out of their "mama cribs" looking like a LS Lowry panting and still kill the look.

What brought ODD KULTURE together and made you ignore all the warnings of starting something with friends.

We were brought together by the love for fashion in which at first we were only good at dressing individuals who didn't fit in amongst other kids in the community that's when we decided to form a group of teens with something in common and who understand each other .

Has there always be five of you? 

 No, the was 9 of us at first. Its normal when you start something like a crew you might start of with a number of members but as time goes only those who are committed remain.

The names of the remaining "committed" members are ? 

We are well known by our nicknames Smas(Neo Meko) Teywise (Itumeleng Matha) Gavoy(Bongani Mkhonza) Psycho(Mongezi Meko) and Toolz(Tholoana Malebo)

Apart from fashion what other interest does odd kulture have.

Apart from fashion, I'd say we are artistic individuals we got people who sing we got those that draw and others who dance and also that play musical instruments.

Who makes or where do you get your clothing from. 

We regard our selves as fashion hunters normally, we go around and hunt for it we get clothes from thrift shops, going house to house asking for old clothes in exchange of money sometimes we get some plain and customise them ourselves.

Are there any plans of creating an ODD KULTURE full on brand ? 

Yes we are planning on launching a brand label if things go our way we hoping on droping our first range in September.

In five words, ODD KULTURE is...

...Real, original, African, fun and odd.

Has there been any collabo's you'd like tell us about ? 

Since we are not that well exposed in the industry we haven't really worked with anyone big as yet.

In that case, who would you still want to work with.

We have a lot of people we want to work with such as Thula Sindi, Reymui designs, Tribe NYC , Tempracha, Baba Tunde and many others.

When it comes to keeping your street gear game on, what are the essentials. 

Items are basically solid things but if one should have "must have" items but does not have a curtain personality to go with them, then he\she won't have that impressive good look so our must have item is firstly, the personality.

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