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We all know the popular saying that there’s nothing new under the Sun. It’s the same with Style and fashion. From 2010, we’ve seen the return of some style patterns that had existed as far back as the 80s.

We can see a re-emergence of the loafers very vividly and will take full shape throughout the coming years. Loafers now come in different shapes and sizes and also in different colors, from the very plain simple colors to very loud abstract colors. They can be worn on almost anything from three quarters to stylish suits and pants, to fitted jeans, roll up jeans (which is also trending right now) to African attires. The preppy look is still going strong. While
penny loafers have yet to return to mainstream, trend forecasting company Youth Intelligence predicts the shoes could be the next preppy revival trend.

The color-block movement, which kicked off in women's fashion a while ago, and has spilled over into men's arena. Multi-colored patchwork shirts were an early hit this spring and now color-blocked footwear primarily loafers are hitting the scene and shoe stores. As proof, we spotted a R600 brown, taupe and cordovan Stracam Italian loafer at the Adidas outlet shop in world wear mall. It's a great casual look and gives a guy an option from wearing a plain loafer with his jeans or trousers.
So whether you are playing golf, going out for a picnic, checking out the club, or attending a suave dinner, the loafers  can follow you.

You can find loafers for every pocket size from the basic brands to the luxury brands, you are sure of looking cool regardless of which you choose.

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