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People explosively state music as a healer or perhaps a universal language that all people understand despite their background but one thing I will say is that  the actual healer is the person behind the actual creation of music through words, Nozuko Nomagungqu has proven herself to be one of the greatest healers of our current century, her  music  has immensely grown to greater heights and yet attracted a lot of ears. She is already on her pathway to becoming one of  the greatest musician of South Africa ,give yourself some time and explore her music  through Soundcloud/zukocollective .Nozuko highly looks up to her family and yet she believes that hard work will get her where she wants to be but one thing I always admire about Nozuko is her dressing sense and hairdo's. Gladly she managed to squeeze in sometime  to answer some questions about her.

how did you get to become a musician? 
First of all, I love music. I loved it in church when i was a little girl. I loved it in school and when I was old enough, I knew I'd love it forever. I think when you love something, you somehow always think of ways to enjoy it. I managed to live my life in such a way that allows me to enjoy and sustain my love for music.

What influences you?


Describe music in your own way?
Soulful Vent Relation.

Does your family influence your music and how so?
I suppose. Sometimes, yes. They are, after all, a part of my life/experiences. I feel very deeply for them. so... ya.

Is there anything you want to see changing about the music industry in South Africa?

With growth, it becomes increasingly difficult to answer this question because I realize that the nurturing of music in Mzantsi is a 2 way street with a pedestrian crossing (for the musos of course)
The labels supply what the public wants and is willing to pay for...

I think what I'd like to see changing is the message artist send to their fans. Especially young and impressionable ones.

How did Zuko Collective come about ?
I had a conversation with God about taking a break from music and the response came back "No, i have greater plans for you!". My musical career seemed to be in a dark place but I trusted the voice and the feelings that came as result of it.
I called a friend, posted on fb and made a lot of noise in the right passages. the universe responded ever so positively,aaaaaaaaand... here we are.

What are you currently busy with?
I am laying the foundations of my empire. transitioning. growing. We're working on the Zuko Collective album. collaboration.

Any upcoming collaborations
I recorded a track with Reason for his next album (coming out later this year) and he joined Zuko Collective in studio not so long ago for a feature on our album. We will also be calling in a few local instrumentalists as well as some guest producers!

Where can people get hold of Zuko Collective ?
we're on sound cloud, twitter and Facebook. bookings can be made via Nice Things Brand

Would you go a day without taking a selfie ?
I would and I have.

Please tell us your secret ,what makes your hair so alluring?
I wasn't sure how to answer this. I even had to find the definition of the word so i knew what to do with myself, lol. okay, so.. I have good genes that I refuse to tamper with. I stopped using hair straighteners in 2003 and I think the combination of my facial features and the size of my head allow me to play around with different hairstyles(and I've tried many!) and still pull it off. hence the fascination... I think.

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