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There are exhibitions which have the simplest concepts yet produced amazing results in terms of entertainment and lifestyle, events with minimalist features coupled along with good vibes normaly leave a strong mark on the guests and public presents. The welcome at the entrance, the check ups on the guests by the host etc... contribute to the event's "grand slam" yes people want to feel important, but more than anything people want to feel noticed.

The Rubix Cube in Maboneng hosts some really cool hang outs, they reminded me of a few social events we attended, as you entered they gave you a ice lolli mixed with Cruze Vodka in one of those plastic bags used by street vendors to package vegetables and fruits, basically exactly like the ones we would get from our local hoods and a packet of skopas' coupled with a flowered coloured lollipop, I was astonished, this wasn't anything I had ever seen before particularly because it was very inexpensive and gave the guests that "relax, you're at home" type of feeling now that was hospitality and in a way brought diversity to these different cultures.

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