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Asking a Capetonian to pick their favourite coffee shop is like asking a parent to pick their favourite child – there’s an obvious answer, but they'll never say it out loud. So it was with great trepidation that we took on the assignment of finding the ultimate cup of coffee near the PUMA Select Store in Cape Town. Being on Bree Street (137 to be exact), we’re pretty close to where the action is, we need to know where to direct our patrons after they’ve stoked up on super-premium PUMA gear. Yep, it was a journalistic endevour like none other; on one side our responsibility as responsible proprietors, and on the other a self-serving exercise because well who doesn’t like a good cuppa something good.

After a month of grueling research, countless cups of the black gold, a bout of caffeine poisoning and a decision to never eat gluten-free cheese cake ever again, we present our findings:

Best in show:

Jason Bakery 185 Bree Street

The clear winner in versatility, Jason’s not only makes a great cuppa, they supply supreme baked goods and took an honourable mention in our exploration of CT  wifi hotspots a few weeks ago. The word on the street is that Jason’s makes the best darn cronut in Cape Town, although we cannot confirm nor deny said claim, mostly because we fear for our lives if other cronutears ever got word of this blog. Special note to our Joburg readers - a cronut is what is born when a  daddy croissant and a mommy donut make sweet, sweet love; don’t worry you’ll get them any day now*.

Runners up:

Truth 36 Buitenkant Street &
Deluxe Coffeeworks 25 Church Street

With the micro-roastery kicking the micro-brewery firmly into the ‘so 2 years, 6 months, 2 days and 5 hours ago’ category what would this list be without including two of Cape Town’s finest boutique coffee roasteries? Both Truth and Deluxe not only make a great cup o’ joe, they ship all over the country too. Jozi, are you listening?

Latitude 33 165 Bree Street

Google Maps says it’s 3 minutes walk from our shop, we’re going to test this out tomorrow and let you know, but flipping heck if Google is wrong we’re going to sue. Latitude 33 ticks all boxes for us, with 2 levels of collaboration in food, music and art; you couldn’t make us more excited. And yes, the coffee is awesome too.

Café Franks 160 Bree Street

Recently rebranding from Rotisserie 360, Café Franks offers a sumptuous range of hella tasty and healthy deli fare, this canteen style eatery is known for it's food, but secretly makes a damn good cappucino, it is for this that they make the list with flying colours.

Carke’s Bar and Dining Room 133 Bree Street

The winner in our wifi search, Clarke’s proves yet again to be a Cape Town favourite.

PUMA Select Store Cape Town 137 Bree Street

Oh no we didn’t. Did we? We did. Now we’re not trying to compare ourselves to the abovementioned coffee superpowers, but we would like to point out we’ve recently invested in a kick-ass coffee machine courtesy of [blah] in anticipation of winter. The one edge we can confidently say our coffee has over the other places listed, is the apparel that surrounds it. Also, we set a trend by giving away free beer in our store, why would we charge you for coffee? So the next time you’re hanging out (Joburg, that means jolling) in the City Bowl, come say hi, try on some clothes and have a cup on us.

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