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Opel has launched the ultimate lifestyle accessory – the Opel ADAM – with LISOF at South Africa’s first design collab, showcasing the magic that occurs when thrilling design meets meticulous engineering. 

The Opel ADAM is Opel’s first entry into the luxury mini vehicle segment, and its range of trend-setting, almost limitless personalisation options allows drivers to display their personality and taste in ways never before seen on South African roads.

“ADAM is designed for people who seek self-expression through their clothes, lifestyle and cars. For this reason, vehicle personalisation using the available choices of colours, wheels and interior design allow owners to be fully involved in the finishing details of their car,” saysChristopher Cradock, Opel Brand Manager at General Motors South Africa.

When designing their final garments, LISOF’s graduating class drew inspiration from the fusion of technology and creativity that optimises the Opel ADAM.

“Launching the Opel ADAM with LISOF perfectly illustrates the attention given to aesthetics and technical expertise in both vehicle and fashion design. In both industries, art and science merge, resulting in fashion and cars that enable individuals to stand out in a crowd,” says Cradock.

“The fact that it is LISOF’s 20th anniversary made our collaboration even more fitting. Design excellence has been part of Opel’s DNA for more than 150 years, and so working with South Africa’s youngest fashion designers who are, in their own industry, establishing a similar heritage of excellence resonated deeply with us.”

The Opel ADAM is an A-segment, 3-door, 4-seat hatchback with firm emphasis on class-leading ergonomics and modern design, dynamic driving experience, superior technology and overall premium build quality.

Personalisation options begin with the exterior paint colours, with funky names such as ‘Red ‘n Roll’, ‘Purple Fiction’, ‘Pump Up The Blue’, ‘The Greyfather’, ‘James Blonde’, ‘Saturday White Fever’, ‘I’ll Be Black’ and ‘Silverwalker’. Further differentiation happens at the factory by selecting interior fabric and colour schemes, sunroof options and ambient lighting packages dependent on the model selected.

Once at the dealership, a choice of quick-fitment accessories adds a finishing touch, allowing owners to precisely show off theirpersonalities. Customisable items include interior d├ęcor elements on the dashboard and doors, rear-view mirror covers, exterior mirror caps, wheel centre-caps, front logo bars, wheel clips for the model-specific 18-inch Twister alloy wheels, aluminium sports pedals and a number of exterior decal packs.

“Owners have the freedom to assemble the perfect look for the exterior and interior of their Opel ADAM, while we take care of features ‘under the hood’,” says Cradock.  

These include ecoFLEX® Drive Assist to monitor energy and fuel consumption, allowing ADAM to be driven as efficiently as possible at all times. City Mode Steering makes city-bound manoeuvring and parking, especially in tight spots, so much easier. Appealing to the connected lifestyle of the target groups, Opel’s IntelliLink infotainment system provides a fully integrated smartphone connection for a hands-free infotainment experience.

“The Opel ADAM is the first of our ‘new Germans’ to arrive in South Africa, a vehicle that truly delivers on Opel’s promise of precision German-engineered, desirable cars with attractive design and the latest motor technology. All this, combined with the ability to affordably create a vehicle as unique as its owner makes the Opel ADAM much more than a car,” says Cradock. “The Opel ADAM is indeed an exciting urban lifestyle accessory.”

The Opel ADAM arrives in Opel dealerships in January with three models– ADAM, ADAM JAM and ADAM GLAM. For more information, visit

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Nthabi Sibeko | Tribeca 
Public Relations 
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