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So you like gadgets, gizmos and all kind of jazzy stuff that embodies Gen Y and now you’re thinking as to what’s the latest that you can add to your prized collection that is different from the usual collectibles and sets you apart  as a modern, fun loving person with varied interest? You want it to be something cool, something that comes with a WOW factor to it and something that could make you a trendsetter of sorts in your neighborhood. Of course, it also has to project you as being tech-savvy and with-the-times as opposed to nerdy and geeky!
Well, the good news is we just might have what you need – a list of the best and most popular tech-toys that need to be owned by anyone and everyone who knows how to use technology to its best advantage. Read on to know more.

Bladepad for iPhone 
This is definitely high on the cool quotient and a must have gizmo for anyone who owns an iPhone 5 (we’re considering that you already own this must have gizmo too). This stylish accessory is designed for gamers who are always on the move but can’t seem to get enough of their iPhone/iPad games.
The Bladepad includes a gaming controller that easily slides out when you need to play. It has illuminated joysticks and buttons so that you don’t have to stop playing in the dark. And neither do you need to worry about the battery life coming to an end as there is an additional power cable provided with it. Isn’t it every iPhone user’s dream come true?

This is the latest alternative to the Google Glass and might look like any ordinary pair of specks, but ordinary is the last thing that one would call it after using it. Smartspecks is the latest entrant is the smart glasses segment and is expected to be better than Google Glass. One look at it and it is sure to turn heads owing to its smart futuristic looks and modern features.

Sony PlayStation Portable
If you’re a gamer-on-the-go who doesn’t want to compromise on the gaming quality and the 3D effects while playing your favorite games, then this gizmo is meant for you. And what’s more – besides a fabulous gaming experience you can also use this device to surf the internet and play online, listen to songs and watch videos. Cool or what, huh!

The Fab Tab
Be it an Apple iPad or a Samsung Galaxy or a Sony Xperia, a tablet is a must-have on the wish list of a true gizmo lover. Tabs usually come with superfast processors and enable you to carry out lots of functions simultaneously like play games, music, surf the internet, take snaps, use various apps, make documents, save documents, etc. Tabs are considered to be very user-friendly have been predicted to serve as a replacement for laptops in the distant future.

Snap Remote
Want to take a selfie but can’t because it’s just so difficult with your phone’s camera lens on the other side? You could always set the timer for your click, but then you’ll have to run back and pose and yet the snap might not turn out as you desired it and that’s stressful too. Well, fret no more. Just get yourself the snap remote and download its free app (available on App Store and Android phones) and simply sync the remote with your cellphone. Now get snap happy and take that picture perfect snap from up to 3 meters away. Click!

Remote Controlled Space Man
This remote controlled wonder assures fun and entertainment for people of all ages. It’s a cute and lighthearted gizmo. Just charge up this little thing and watch him move about on the floor or hover above the ground. It comes with a remote control for you to use and steer its movements and directions. He’ll do as you say!

Nike + Sportband
All you sports lovers out there, add this device to your wish list. This trendy looking band, meant to be worn on the wrist, tells you everything you need to know while you’re sweating it out outdoors with its time, step, distance and calorie meters. And it doesn’t end there. It also has a feature that allows you to play music while you run. Now, that’s some way to get fit in a stylish manner!

Football World Cup Contact Lenses
Yes, you got that right! They’re contact lenses – in the shape of a football – meant to be worn in your eyes. How cool would it be to watch the next football world cup wearing these lenses! One thing is for sure – all eyes are going to be on you when you wear these smart and sporty lenses.

Bluetooth car speakers
Over the years, the invention of Bluetooth has made attending calls while driving safer. Since it has been such a boon to car drivers, you might want to try Bluetooth car speakers too, as this is a much more comfortable option to the device that you keep sticking into your ear. It can even be used to play music with good quality sound output.

Nine Eagles RC Helicopter
Last but not the least, this remote controlled helicopter makes for a great hobby idea and a fun way to spend time with your friends and family. It’ll make you want to soar high and touch the sky along with it. It comes with a five-in-one controller and is powered by Li-Po battery. The Nine Eagles Solo Pro RC is meant for beginners and can be flown indoors as well as outdoors, though other helicopters for advanced users are also available. Its modern looks and features ensure that using it would make you stand out in the crowd and differentiate you from the tech-junkies and geeks. So order this one now!
Now don’t just sit there and waste your time! We’re talking absolute must-haves here and when we say “must-have,” I mean it. Do what you need to do in order to get your hands on all that techno treasure!

Researcher: Pantheon B Mells
Source: I Geeks Blog
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