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The early 90’s was a crazy time for product innovation. Well, not just for products, Ice-T released O.G. in ’91 for goodness sake! PUMA broke through into this vis-tech boom with the clear rubber hexagons we know as Trinomic. The hexagonal shapes expanded and contracted to provide the best cushioning, flexibility and stability. 

Now that we’ve finally dropped the skinny, oldest brother (the XR 1 Racer of course) we’ve felt it would be a great time to look at the whole family.
What would an awkward family photo look like without everybody there?! 

First up, the last one to drop. The XR1 Racer was originally designed for the performance runner. You can just imagine that sleek, low profile silhouette flying across an athletics track in the early 90’s.  The translucent Formstripe® and retro splatter will kick you straight back to when every Discman was blaring Tribe Called Quest. 

The XT2 + – the neutral runner and a silhouette we’re seeing a lot of when it comes to the collaborations. This jogger was the first to have Trinomic in all the key areas – both in the heel and the forefoot. Think clean. Think super comfortable. Think early 90’s colourways. Think Ronnie Fieg, Wizz and Sneakerness. 

The XT1, not totally the XT2’s twin, but close. This slightly sleeker silhouette is a bit shy so when you do spot him, take note of how the XT2 has gone to gym and lost a little bit of weight. 
There are 3 ways of tying a shoe: laces, Velcro and PUMA’s Disc System. It’s almost a bit too easy to be honest. The Disc Blaze is as PUMA as... as... well, as Trinomic. Some of our most memorable colabs feature the Disc Blaze – Sophia Chang, size? Wilderness Pack and Ronnie Fieg’s Coat of Arms.

The Disc Blaze was such a special child that we decided to have another one. Ok, ok, not totally the same but we used the same sole unit. Thus the R698 was born into a great tradition of revolutionary 90’s runners and is one sleek and lightweight athlete. Seen in colabs like the BWGH Bluefields and size? Wilderness pack. 

The Blaze of Glory, according to our Cape Town Select store sneakerhead Rolo Rozay people should always ask what you have on your feet. And the B.O.G’s do exactly that. The only one in the Trinomic family that does not don the iconic PUMA Formstripe®. Sneakers for those that know. The XS850 heritage runner, the last of the original Trinomics to be released, with its chunky heal striker sole unit is the most cushioned (dare we say fat kid) of the family. Of course all this extra cushioning makes for loads and loads of comfort. It was also the first to see the splatter colour pops added on the heel unit. And let’s face it, everyone enjoys giving the cake-loving brother a big hug!

So now that you know the family don’t be scared to blabber out to the world on social media what you will be showing off for #TrimomicTuesdays.

If by any chance you are not sure you’ve ever crossed paths with the Trinomic family, you make sure you look out for this original box. Jip, that’s correct. We’ve even OG’ed the box.
If you’re still not sure, check this video about the XT2 re-release where we chat to PUMA Designers Ron Perkins and Yoshi Yoshimura about all things Trinomic. 

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