THE ITAP CHARGER | Flat base decoded
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Thumbs Up ITap charger is a clever little plug in USB charger, shaped like a conventional tap, which is compatible with iPads, iPhones, as well as other smartphones. Notably, the ITap is compatible with most USB charging cables for a wide range of devices. To charge your device, simply plug the USB tap charger into the wall, attaching to it the USB charging cable for the device you want to power up. After you do this, simply turn the tap to power your USB device, and let the electricity flow, providing your smart device with energy with a twist.

During the charging ON mode, a blue LED light is on, while a red LED light is an indicator for OFF/Standby mode. The tap can be turned off and on by changing the LED light from red to blue.
The tap does not regulate the flow of electricity, it only turns the power charger on and off—so you won’t flood your house even if you forget to turn it off.

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