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The Cosmos have been a fascination and a wonder for human kind for thousands of years and we’ve always wanted to know about it. How big it is! How far does it go? In the quest to know about the universe we came to find out the more we knew, the more we find out we actually know a little. But there was a twist! We found out there is more than one universe. There were more. A universe multitude! Even when we could see deep through the multi-verse, we found out we actually can not see far enough. It’s too big! Then we came to a realization, as the human species, we’re actually quite microcosmic to the multi-verse, the multi-verse of which we do not even know the exact magnitude of.

The more we became enlightened about the multi-verse, the more it gave us headaches on getting to know it more. It actually would have been a quest for self discovery. We learned about the cosmos to get to know ourselves a bit more. Maybe we wanted to know about how was it possible we are here? Why us? Maybe the cosmos could tell us about ourselves. But it did! In a form of a study long discovered. Astrology! It is a study of supposed planetary influence on humanity. How we are and why we are! Students of Astrology would often say that the universe is a mirror pointing straight at us. We might have been looking at ourselves! The universe tells us about why we act the way we do in everyday life as individuals. In astrology, the day of your birth and even the time of your birth determine the person you might be, later life.
The Astrological star signs are divided into four elements; Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Fire : Aries - Leo - Sagittarius
Those who are fire signs have a sense of energy and warmth about them which inspires those around. The fire signs are highly generous and positive. Even when things are not OK they always have a sense that they will work out eventually. Fiery people are always stimulating, are independent and enjoy the spontaneous life. They always have creative thoughts but often do not show or discuss their creativity because of the fear they will be seen as outrageous. They usually have a very high passion for the things they wish for but unfortunately the passion quickly runs out when not constantly stimulated.

Earth : Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn
Earthy people are quite practical in their undertakings and relate to the world through the physical senses. They expect tangible results in their efforts. They are determined and persistent and patient in working towards goals and other people will find them very thorough, organized and dependable. It is important for earthy people to feel secure and for this reason many of them can be quite materialistic. These people are quite “at home” with the responsibilities of family life and with finances. Experience is more important to an earthy person than theoretical speculation and it takes a great deal of convincing for an earthy person to change direction.

Air : Gemini - Libra - Aquarius
Those who are air signs understand the importance of inter-relationship. Communication and the exchange of ideas is very crucial to these people. They are intellectual, curious and ideas are as important to them as actual experience or objects. These people can co-operate with others and remain objective in difficult situations, they are sometimes extremely objective! Airy people like to form connections between their experiences and refuse to be guided merely by their feelings or instinctive reactions. It is possible with Airy people that they will be incapable of making decisions because they can see all options and see a majority of outcomes.

Water : Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces
The water element is always very much in need of involvement with others. It lives by its feelings and intuitions and can tune into atmospheres and the feeling of others immediately. Its imagination, sympathy and compassion are enormous. The sensitivity and vulnerability of watery people is immense. It is sometimes difficult for these people to maintain their separateness and they may often withdraw into themselves in order to avoid being hurt. These people live through other people and will be emotionally demanding in their relationships.

As you have witnessed, Astrology is quite an interesting study to delve in. By getting to know ones self better, Astrology can guide you through the inconsistencies that one has and hopefully you’re able to be a better person. A person who lives in this, over 7 billion people, maze called humanity needs to know and study humanity for better and positive interactions.

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