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Travel around the three biggest cities in South Africa and ask about Lee Roy Jason, perhaps some will call him an imaginative photographer and I prefer to call him a blessing to the artistic sphere.
Lee Roy’s journey began when he started experimenting in photography as a portrait photographer the day his father gave him an old camera, he carried it around his Cape Town high school taking photos of everyone and everything pictorial, eventually crafting his signature style. The element of creativity in his work resonates from his love for art, South Africa and its people. Lee Roy expressed that his photographs are intimate, passionate, and filled with beautiful contradictions. 

His shots include subjects from the black-upper-echelon viewing haute-couture design down the runway at the SA Fashion Week, to subjects from polar opposite backgrounds in rural areas as well as the townships. His a man with an impeccable eye in such a way that his portrayal of images can arouse sensations. 

As an established photographer, what’s your ultimate vision?

I still don’t have awards or an international travelled exhibition, I can’t call myself established yet! That’s my vision.

How do you instruct yourself to take enhanced portraits?

Imagine someone else is taking it... my portraits aren’t for the viewer’s really it’s for the subject in my frame to be moved. They need to see another side to them.

What’s that one thing or trait that you'd like people to remember about you?

I love to leave a thought or smile.

As a traveller, what’s your current favourite destination?

Manila is still my favourite place but there is no place like home! South Africa is still filled with visual and career growth!

What would you say you learnt from your father that you will always sustain?

Never put a public phone in your home and expect all the calls to be yours...lol
Work like a slave and sleep like a king!

One common mistake photographers make...? 

One common mistake photographers make is sell themselves.

In what way does art/music inspire your photography?

Music sets a tone and Keeps me inspired, Photography is Jazz with a camera.

What kind of scenarios do you capture?

People’s honesty

I seek for beauty in the worst places. Try give people who live in the space hope that beauty exist.

What are you currently working on?

Retaking shooting work that was stolen.

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