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Behind our ultra cool exterior of sexy staff, hip music taste and clothing that makes you wanna shake your ass, we are a company. A business. A Business that makes you wanna shake your ass, no doubt, but a business. As a business we have our secret formulas and technologies like everyone else. Our Trinomic System for example, we like to think it sits comfortably somewhere in the middle of the “11 Herbs and Spices” and “human settlement on mars” scale. The Trinomic cushioning system was first released in 1989 (9 years after Colonel Sanders’ death, but we like to think he would have
Trinomic quickly became a serious choice for (fore)runners who quickly came to understand
the sweet luxury of the Trinomic  experience.

The system was applied to many shoes across the PUMA range, but came into it’s own in the sole of the original DISC Blaze back in 1991. Jacked up to perfection, the combination of form and function achieved total harmony on this revolutionary model, which also featured a double whammy in the form of the DISC closure system. We can’t confirm, but we can only assume this is where the habit of adding the word “BOOM” to the end of a sentence came from. BOOM!

Revisiting the archive we’ve dusted off the the sole for the ‘91 Disc Blaze version and reimagined this technology for now. Have a look at the video below to see how we took something Born on the track, and brought it back for the street –

Oh, by the way, you can check out the Trinomic XT+ series is in the Cape Town Select Store in the form of the Trinomic Mesh.
Information supplied by: PUMA SA
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