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BAIT is a lifestyle boutique offering an ever-changing collection of limited-edition footwear, apparel, collectible, art toys, and electronics, as well as exclusive collaborations with the industry’s most in-demand brands. Founded with the drive to create a distinctive space to bring the sneaker, music, art, and collectible cultures together, the predatory attitude of BAIT comes from the craving for a unique and alluring product selection. At BAIT, we hunt for the most enticing prey in the form of desirable and superior goods. We value strong design and high quality, and the idea of bringing communities together via our flagship store and online at

BAIT is doing a lot more than most people know about, and we’re not just referring to the West Coast boutique’s increasing number of collaborations. For those unaware, the shop has also started to carve out a space for itself on the apparel front with its own clothing line. The pieces might not be advanced yet, but they're solid and meant to build wardrobes around. Camo pants, button-up shirts, and varsity jackets look good on nearly everyone, and if you factor in a cozy pair of sweats, then BAIT's head-to-toe cipher is starting to appear complete.

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