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An artist has a mind of their own, creating and moulding different ideas into greatness and hardly anything basic. Gliding and crossing boundaries and surpassing rejection, is commendable, especially when the rejecters begin to sing your praises in auto tune. Already, Jay Makopo has raised a few eyebrows and gained impressive responses following his remixes of South Africa’s popular hip hop songs in the last year. This is genius, for him of course. Besides, Jay Makopo is taking on a different approach to his music and how he chooses to deliver his thoughts in song with his latest project, the Suicide Kids EP. He’s raising standards, the creativity and truth in lyrical content and begs to ask; who cares about kids, suicidal kids for that matter?

I spent P-hive Minutes with Jay Makopo whilst you ponder on that particular question.

Jay Makopo may be a lot of things but he’s not...?

A vampire... I come out during the day and I don’t bite people. Blood isn’t my type of drink you know what I’m saying?

If you could collaborate with any artist from any period or era, who would it be. Why?

Kilo Kish, XXYYXX and Taku Beats... I really enjoy their art.

 When Jay Makopo is not living the music and producing it, what does he do?

I’m always living the music. Although I spend my time studying, spending time with friends and family or doing my part to change the world. If you look close enough you'll realise I'm not a rapper at all. So that's one point. I don't want to give you a cheesy answer but just watch me I'm not like any of them.

 How well has Suicide Kids been received since its release? What was the main idea behind the production of the project?

The Suicide Kids EP has been received really well. The main idea was to give people an original body of work to introduce myself to my art while I did remixes and freestyles on the side. I might release another music project this year but things are still unclear if it will come out.

You mention Suicide Kids a lot in your songs. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is about, how would you describe it and sell the idea?

It’s a movement of unstoppable guys and girls who are uniting to change the world. We are broken, beautiful and powerful. Though there is so much negativity around us, we’ll use it to create something positive. I named my music project after the movement. The Suicide Kids movement is something that hasn't been seen before. We are bringing a shift of worldview to people because what we see isn't the full picture of reality. We are basically not talking to the cool kids or the people who have everything together in life. We are abandoned, abused, rejected and misunderstood guys and girls coming together and changing the world.

You aren't signed to any record label. Are you waiting for better offers or is this a decision you took when you started your musical career?

I'm not signed because when I started out no one believed in me and I had to learn how to do everything on my own. Now labels want to offer me things I've already been doing on my own. When someone offers me something I can't do on my own I'd consider their offer.

What lasting impression would you like to give to anyone who’s listened to your music or had a conversation with you?

I’m not really concerned with how people see me. I know who I am. Often, people project themselves onto other people anyway. You know what I mean? So I hope people see themselves in a better light after they spend time with me.

How far do you travel when you shoot your music videos? How do you afford it or do you have sponsors?

I grew up travelling a lot and I still do. So I wouldn’t say I travel specifically for the music videos. If I have a song I’ve done and I know I’m going to a cool place I just bring my camera along with me and either my sister or a friend shoot for me. I saved up and bought a camera like four years ago and I just use that. I don’t have sponsors.

What inspires your art; a thought, a moment, a dream or an inspiration?

I want to change the world and show people that it is possible.

Best advice you received that you live by?

Put God first.

Your biggest highlight since you started ?

My greatest highlights are when people reach out to me and tell me how they can relate to my music and how it's given them hope.

What is music to Jay Makopo?

Music is a powerful art form and I’m grateful it exists because I can’t picture a world without it.
It starts with a little drop of positivity and just before you know it, the right crowds are pulled and they join in. Joining a movement that simply recognises and celebrates the ignored, the gifted and the greatness that each of us possess. It’s exactly like speaking your mind and dreaming, but you never stop working, never that.

I was reminded that an artist, a beautiful determined soul, could certainly ripple the waves to the skies and back, just by using their natural talents and bringing change where it lacks. That’s when you learn that a five minute conversation with an artist so amazing is never quite enough.

Article by Sithembiso Promise Xaba
Source: Words That Start With P 
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