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Artlifers is an idea incubation for 9 distinct members with the aim to bring imagined ideas to reality.  How it works is, a person would typically propose an idea or project and all members brainstorm on it with the aim to enhance it if necessary and present it to the world (A process called collective imagination).

One such idea is the #GiftsfromArtlifers project: Artlifers members Astro30k and JaxxtheArt (as The Suburbs) made a synth heavy trap/hip hop infused beat in October 2013 but haven’t been able to use it since then.  They have decided to open it up for musicians to record on it for free, the only catch is that the artists record a song related to Youth Day or the Youth in any way and of course credit the producers (The Suburbs).  Also, any visual/graphic artists who get inspired to create artworks for the beat itself are welcome to do it in the spirit of youth month.

Posers Beat on Soundcloud / click here.

Credits for the beat:

·         Producers: The Suburbs (Astro30k and JaxxtheArt)
·         Creative Direction: The Suburbs
·         Samples: N.E.R.D – Rockstar; Call of Duty – Rifle and bomb pack

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