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Bugseed is a dope Japanese producer whose production style lies somewhere in between Nujabes and Pete Rock. Some of the songs on Bohemian Beatnik are sentimental, others reflective, more jazzy, and all head-nod worthy. I often find myself creating fictional story-lines as I listen to instrumental albums, like this one, that stimulate some emotion. 

Although what comes to mind may tell plenty about the listener, it seems likely the specific thoughts prompted say just as much, and maybe more, about the particular sound of each track (e.g. what the producer was trying to convey and/or why they gave the track its name). It would be interesting to conduct an experiment where people listen to the same instrumental album and describe the mental scenes that form along with each song. I have decided to be the study’s first participant.

I am walking down Bourbon Street in New Orleans after something great just happened to me (maybe killing an interview?). I have developed the false identity of an envied and respected celebrity. My thoughts switch from jolliness and self-appreciation for my recent success and excitement for my optimistic future.

I am dehydrated and feeling a faint bit dizzy in a foreign land, but a reoccurring thought gives me something to look forward to.A tough decision is haunting me and completely taking over my thoughts. I continue to doubt the choice I am often convinced is the right one.(At this point I have stopped reading the names of the tracks as they play (although I know some when I hear them), as they have likely affected my imagination).

A man has brought his drum set to a busy urban walkway, playing the same pattern over and over again. Some other street musicians have been listening for a while and have decided to add their own sound.A wealthy white couple has decided to throw a 1930’s-style jazz ball set in contemporary New York. Everyone is somehow dancing in synch.It’s a slow day at the factory. One of the vital machines has broken. It appears all employees are stuck in a black hole of reflection and introspection. This is an important day for the oppressed factory workers. I am witnessing a lot of Americanization in China as I walk down a main drag – in peoples’ dress especially.

A depressing realization has come over me. I need to re-think some things and reach out to the right people. It’s a beautiful day on Martha’s Vineyard. My friends and I have nothing planned so we’ve decided to sit outside and share our new favorite jams. Some of us are realizing that our taste for certain sounds may be shifting. It is a positive experience for everyone. Excited to be in Berlin, I venture out to explore the riverfront and meet interesting people. So far, the day is not a disappointment. Confidence and optimism are reaching a career-high.

I am nervously preparing for something important. I am doing whatever I can to get into my element but the fear of failure is overwhelming my ability to concentrate. I am in a cognitive battle with myself, one that feels hopeless. I overcame the aforementioned battle. A beautiful woman is dancing ballet down an avenue on a sunny day, unconcerned with who is watching. Everyone around seems to be in high spirits, reacting positively to this uncharacteristic behavior. A jump back into reality. Distraction yields no imaginative thoughts. What a dope song.

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