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When you can’t realise or recognise an ideal situation, the chance is lost and you can’t get it back. Train your mind to recognise what it needs and gain new insight because a dull brain is often slow and can’t catch up. Speed the process by availing yourself where luck usually isn’t present and make it yours. Build links that propel you to be where you’ve never been, work your hardest to stay afloat.

The relationships we make either weaken or strengthen our journey. So, be glad when you have people that don’t daunt you from your destiny. Medaphorz and Eon are striving towards a hustle that the brave and courageous usually achieve. Don’t be so quick to judge the beginning when you have no clue how the end credits play out.

I spent P-hive Minutes with Medaphorz x Eon and noticed how they’ve articulated their thoughts to be the thoughts of others, through their music and finesse.

How did your stage names, Medaphorz x Eon, come about? When did you decide to work as a duo officially?

Medaphorz: My name came as a result of being involved and taking part in cyphers back in the day, as well open mica sessions .The name was actually given to me by peers who felt that I use metaphorical comparisons to express my message and delivery.

Eon: The stage name Eon was born through a childhood incident, as most nicknames do, and it stuck with me through the years and now I’ve incorporated it into the artistry. Most people who know me assume it’s my first name since everyone calls me Eon anyway.

We decided to pair together and work as a unit after countless attempts at collaborating with other artists to find our ideal sound. After years of doing this, Medaphorz and I thought it would be perfect to work together and officially set to do so in 2014 and we’ve been enjoying every minute of it.

Would you say your collaboration works better than it would have if you’d decided to work with other artists, since you’re related?

Yes it does, in a huge way. Our work relationship is based on a mutual understanding of the style of Hip Hop we are both influenced by. This makes for a healthy blend of content and artistry in the compilations we’ve produced. Besides, the one person you can definitely depend on to understand you and what you do is family. We get that in each other.

Describe the music and the elements you incorporate into your work. Why do you think they work so well?

The music is intended to catalyse the thinking process for the listener. We incorporate turning up and slip in the conscious message to the listener through our music. This works well in terms of ensuring that a relevant message is always prevalent in the music, which is essentially our primary aim.

What sort of relationship do you have with Kops Music and how long have you been with them?

The relationship is a joint venture between Metaphors x Eon and Copan Lambeth, the owner of Kops Music. The company handles publishing in terms of the music that we do. We are an independent entity and partner up with other companies in order to promote and get our music heard. Admittedly, it hasn’t been too long since we’ve teamed up with Kops Music but the company really is amazing at what it does.

You incorporate conscious thoughts in your music and delivery. Do you do this on purpose?

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that life is already too sombre and depressing. Take a look at society and the general mood nowadays; bad vibes prevail over the good. At the same time, we can’t rule out the fact that knowledge is important. So why not make people turn up while giving them food for thought, you know?

I’d swear that being a nerd is the coolest thing right now because of your latest single, Nerds Rule the World. Why do nerds really rule the world?

A nerd is anybody who is educated or enlightened in a subject of some kind. Nerds invent technology, trends and they are the reason why the world is what it is. A lot more people should embrace the fact that they aren’t cool kids because being a nerd is already the coolest thing on this Earth. So naturally, nerds do rule the world.

Seeing as you haven’t been in the music industry for that long; where do you want to take the hustle and see it grow from here onwards?

In future, it would be a great achievement to be considered as the pioneers of the next sound to be tampered with. We are a playful duo and as a result, we do not produce a specific sound. Medaphorz x Eon intends to dabble into different types of sound from Dubstep to Trip Hop and anything else in between.

What do you enjoy doing the most; making the music or performing in front of an audience and receiving a mind-blowing reaction?

The process of creation is conducted with the end product in mind. The end product is the performances. Hence, we enjoy both the recording and the performing of the music. Although Eon is not completely sold on holding the microphone in front of a crowd yet, is weird, because he jams like no one’s even watching when he gets up there.

How would you like to alter the minds of people that listen to your music? Or is what you do purely for entertainment?

No, it’s not only for entertainment, but it’s also to instil a thought process in the mind of the listener. There is a constant relevant message in our music and this leads to our music being the type that anybody can relate to.

What is your ultimate dream and how would you go about achieving this?

Our ultimate dream will eventually build up to owning a record label that will widely be known to produce good music in South Africa and the rest of Southern Africa at most. We aim to be the best, seeing that nobody else does what we do. Medaphorz x Eon is already its own greatest rival, so surpassing ourselves is the only way forward.

Any special projects you’re working on currently?

At the moment, we are working on completing the 2015 project as well as dropping the video for our first single, Nerds Rule the World. And no, it won’t have random half naked women in a pool. We do things with finesse!

As lyricists and musicians, what is art to you?

Medaphorz: Art is the creation of anything which reflects the mind and the soul of its creator. It is a talent that cannot be learnt, but can only be enhanced.

Eon: Art is the artist’s creation invoking a change that sparks a thought, negatively or in a positive way. When that happens, art has fulfilled its purpose.

Greatness usually creeps up on people, whether they’d like to admit it but usually don’t. By learning to enjoy the moments that build on to you, you eventually begin to appreciate the small things that define you. Stay close to the things that make you happy and even closer to your dreams because truth be told, if you can’t envision the dream, then you most probably won’t live it.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter if others don’t understand your purpose – because they aren’t supposed to. Focus on your own understanding and forget about those that don’t have faith in you. They’ll soon believe that you can when they see you doing it. Take action and the rest will fall into place, like most things usually do. Don’t you realise by now that everything fits perfectly somewhere?

I spent P-hive Minutes with Medaphorz x Eon, completely fascinated by their aspirations, charisma and commanding presence; and they solidify that nerds, actually do rule the universe.

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