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Richard Hart is a designer, illustrator, type nut and – most recently – a weekend artist. He is happiest when he’s making. His output includes posters, publications, flyers, packaging, furniture, interiors, exhibition design, painting, sculpture and a few objects that are less easily described. He has also produced a handful of musical compositions that have been described by his wife as “truly unlistenable”.

Hart and his sister Susie founded their Durban-based design studio, disturbance in 1997. In its 14 years of existence the studio has gathered a respectable little collection of trophies, certificates and column inches. disturbance works for clients in South Africa, Canada, Europe and Australasia, and keeps things interesting by regularly undertaking self-initiated projects.

As an artist, Hart has held solo exhibitions in Cape Town, Durban and Berlin.

Hart is also an official curator of Design Indaba Expo, and for the 2014 event is selecting exhibitors for the Communcations Design sector.

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