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Everett is, in many ways, one of the most impressive producers to splash onto the scene last year. Signed to Relief in Abstract Records, Everett is the perfect example of what it means to be supremely young and supremely talented.

One of Noise Pop’s most buzzed about events was the XXYYXX, Teebs, Nanosaur, DJ Dials show at the DNA Lounge on Thursday February 28th. Teen Daze was originally scheduled to support 17-year old Marcel Everett of XXYYXX, but was replaced at the last minute by artist and producer Teebs.

The night went exactly as one would expect. The dance floor was crowded, the fans were young and the show ran until the early hours of the morning. Nanosaur did a fabulous job of getting the crowd ready for artist and producer Teebs, who tore down the venue with his simplistic yet mind-blowing creations. As his set neared its end around midnight, he was joined onstage by XXYYXX and together they transitioned from veteran-mastermind Teebs to freshman varsity all-star Marcel Everett.

XXYYXX’s set was a bit jerky at first. He seemed nervous and unsure. His transitions were awkward and some seemed slightly confused as to what to do.

“Do we dance now or what?” quipped one girl behind me.

The few bumps were to be expected. Everett is very talented, but very young. He is an ingenious producer, yet very inexperienced. He wears his immaturity on his sleeve, but for many that’s what makes Everett so impressive. In an interview with PlayGround Magazine, Everett admitted that he is just “a brat with a laptop and a MIDI controller.” Brat or not, Everett surely had DNA Lounge alive with love for everybody’s favorite bedroom producer.

After a few minutes — just long enough for Everett to get comfortable with the wild, stage-diving crowd and the nonstop flashes of the dozen or so photographers there — something magical happened: His entire set came together into an awesome blend of hip hop, lo-fi, electronic, R&B, and everything in between. By the middle of his set, Everett had the crowd in his pocket. As he moved between upbeat dance tracks, like a remix of TLC’s “Scrubs”, to his R&B inspired jam “LUV U GRL pt. 2,” the crowd moved at his command.

It was clear that Everett knew the crowd would go wild for “About You,” the first track that made so many fall in love XXYYXX. As his set came to an end, to the joy of everybody there, Everett jumped into “About You.” “I fucking love you Marcel,” shouted a group of teenage girls dressed in tutus as they pulled the same fox masks worn in the music video for “About You” over their faces.

As XXYYXX’s set came to an end after 1 o’clock in the morning, the crowd seemed overjoyed by what they had just experienced. Many came to the DNA Lounge with the hopes of making sure that Everett was as brilliant live as he was on the Internet. Simply put, everybody got what he or she came for and nobody should have left disappointed.

XXYYXX’s Marcel Everett is quickly becoming the lo-fi prince of electronic music and his power was on full display last week at the DNA Lounge. But, like all good princes, Everett has a lot to learn. With the right amount of experience, which he will undoubtedly gain on his national and European tours, Everett will surely be one of the most exciting producers this year.

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