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So I was working at Barnes and Noble, this was around 2006-07, the former midlo location for area heads. And I had heard that Mr. Archer used to shop at that store…It wasn't until a Sunday afternoon that I saw for myself. This was after his situation at the mall and the crash, so understandably he was laying low. He walked in wearing all black, Durag, sunglasses and a phat gold chain. I immediately knew who it was. I played it cool and let him shop He bought some cd's and ordered a cd and bunch of Live Parliament Funkadelic Dvd's. As I rung him up i told him i appreciated his interpolation of the Junie song he did on J Dilla's So far to go.

He was shocked I knew that. we talked for a bit more and that was that.It was crazy that his orders came in exactly my next shift, nervously I called him for pick up. He came in and we chopped it up some more. As we talked I told him I was a rapper(at the time I was), and a singer and made beats…and I just so happened to have one to give to him. He had ordered 10 Pfunk dvd's as gifts and out of the ten he ordered he gave me one right there at work. We also exchanged numbers.

about 3-4 days later I'm at home, actually outside at my car, and my girlfriend runs outside whisper yelling that D'angelo's on the phone". On the inside I'm flipping, but I go back inside into my studio at the time, and he's telling me about his situation. He asks me to sing..

…and then rap for him on the phone. Now for those who know. He was working with J records at the time for a label deal...

and was looking for artists. So he invited me to jam. a few days later he meets me back at Barnes and Noble and we head to his spot in midlo. It was very informal, lots of music and real talk. I got put on to a lot of game in a short amount of time. 

He seemed impressed but told me to hold tight b/c he had court dates...and was travelling to record with Russ, meetings etc. I was rapping in a local group called Earthtones which if you search around online you will find some humorous things.

Whenever we had a show I would call D and invite him…and the last time I remember hearing his voice was on the phone inviting him to see us Perform at Howard Homecoming yardfest. That was the last time we spoke. This was before smartphones and I had his # on a little receipt I don't even know how but I lost that number. smh… its so bitter-sweet when telling this experience. What could've been... Hindsights 20/20 looking back, I know I wasn't ready, but it was definitely a sign that this is what I need to be doing.

Sometimes I wonder that with all the work we're putting in it'll come full circle. So you support Black Messiah couse D is as real as they come. nah thank ya'll for listening and allowing me to share.

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