SUPREME X UNDERCOVER | Flat base decoded
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Despite the capsule’s hefty price tags, Supreme launches continue to draw a decidedly adolescent crowd, many seasoned vets of the Supreme waiting game. Disheartened by neither the chilly mist nor the barking of the doorkeeper (periodic threats of banning out-of-line customers, and once, “People with money don’t line up for shit in life!”), some had queued up as early as 4 p.m. Wednesday for the chance to shop the collab—even if the name Jun Takahashi bore little meaning to them. 

In the case of some, the Supreme stamp of approval was enough to turn them on to the Undercover oeuvre for the first time—like Rex, a stylist and one of the first to make it out of the shop, glossy white bag in hand. Another victorious shopper, who said he’d been coming to Supreme launches for a couple of years, summarized his 15-hour wait thusly: “Chair, cars, gas stations, walking around.” His advice to first-timers attending one of the brand’s infamous drops? “Don’t do it!”

Article by Kristin Anderson
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