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If we don’t eat good, nourishing food, we get sick. We become weak. We have poor energy. But if we feed ourselves healthy, nutritious, satisfying food, we become happier, healthier, more energetic.

This is not rocket surgery.

And yet, so many of us (myself included) forget about feeding the parts of ourselves that drive us. The parts that define us. The parts that set us apart, make us ‘us’, make us happy or make us content.

We forget to feed our soul.

Feed your soul by giving yourself time. Feed your soul by putting that need high on the priority list. Feed your soul by finding it’s best food and relishing in it.

Here Are 3 Simple Steps to Discovering What Feeds Your Soul:

1. How Do You Know You’re Soul is Nourished?

There is a feeling of contentment. Of fullness. Of pride for having done something for you. Something that will sustain you for days. It will carry you through difficult times, tantrums, sleep deprivation, sickness. And it will make the good times feel even better.

2. Question: When Was the Last Time Your Soul Felt Well Fed?

Take a pen and paper and jot down the last five times your soul felt like this. (And do not refer to things that serve others first. These are about you and only you.)

Where were you?
What were you doing?
What were you thinking about?

3. Take Time and Do Each of These 5 Things

Talk to your loved ones, tell them you need time. Tell them you’re out of the house for an hour on Saturday morning, or that you’re taking a pilates class every Thursday night. And tell them that their support is important.

And as you try each of these nourishing activities, you will discover what it is that is your ultimate soul food. You will find that thing, that activity that makes your heart full and your spirit happy.

It may be:

writing for 30 minutes every day
jogging 3 times a week
gardening, digging, weeding, planting
building model planes
renovating old furniture
mountain bike riding
going to church
playing guitar

Whatever it is, make a promise to yourself that you will care for your soul as much as you care for your body. You and your family will reap the rewards, Promise.

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