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What do you love about the Represent698 campaign?

I like how it suits me because I’m quite chilled. Recently I’ve been trying to lay low and wear clothes that I can be active in, but still look good. I’m into functional lifestyle wear. I like it when I can still be comfortable and functional, and move around and get things done.

You and PUMA: How’s that working for you and how long have you been working with the sports lifestyle brand?

It’s a new thing – It’s a bit of a new thing. Last year PUMA sent me stuff to perform in and do some shows in. At that point it wasn’t a set thing, then the other day I had a meeting with Rudi and he got me involved with the future of all of this. I was like, ‘cool, I can see this happening.’ It’s a good fit. PUMA’s got good people on board as well.

In terms of brand association – What attracts you to teaming up with PUMA?

It’s very chilled. I like it when a brand can see you for yourself – Like they already know who you are, rather than trying to make you into who they would like you to be

How do you Represent in your everyday life?

Teenage years – Nobody was going to nail that – I never got it right. I was never going to be comfortable with myself then, even in my early 20s. I’m now 25 and I’m like, ‘I don’t have time to waste here being uncomfortable with myself.’ My 20s have been about just being me authentically. Just nailing being myself without having to sweat the small stuff – Just trying to focus on things that are important and things that add to my life, rather than things that I’d waste energy on.

How has the year been treating you?

I had this thing with 2015 when it was approaching and I was like, ‘I’m going to make 2015 my b***h’ and then I woke up yesterday and realised what month we’re in. Yesterday it was January. So now I’ve got to throw it out – Now I’m sprinting. I was just warming up. Now I’m ready. I’ll be showing flames in New York – Working on a flameful album.

So yeah, 2015: First half was the lead up and this second half is where I’ll be putting everything into practice.

When will you be releasing the album?

It will probably be during our summer – Early next year. I’ll put stuff up on Soundcloud and gig with those songs – Get it tight.

Complete the sentence… Friday nights are for:

I’ve changed a lot. Friday nights used to be for the turn up, but now, to be quite honest, Friday nights are for… Discovering new music, writing, reflecting on what I’ve made. It’s maybe also the time to work on things you haven’t been feeling super confident about and actually pushing yourself and not being scared. Friday nights have changed a lot… A lot.

Saturday is the solid day, to do solid things. You can get away with four different activities on a Saturday – Four different, very entertaining things.

What super power would you pick given the choice?

I would be invisible. Think of all the cool stuff you could do. Think of the Reserve Bank – Where everything you touch becomes invisible too. I’d have an invisible cloak too. I feel like if I only I was invisible, then all the money I’d be carrying out of the Reserve Bank would be very obvious. Think about your invisible casino life too. Think about the men’s locker room at the Virgin Active. Think about it! Beautiful, beautiful pranks too – You’d be famous for your pranks because they’d be so good – Hauntingly good. It would also just be nice, you know. Sometimes you just want to be invisible. Like when you live on Kloof Street and you just want to go buy bread and milk, but you see everyone you know in that moment – But you’re not wearing make up. It would be nice to be invisible. You don’t always want to be seen on the streets.

I wouldn’t want to fly – I think that would be absolutely horrendous. I don’t envy birds. We’ve got planes. I’d rather be invisible and in first class.

Tell us a bit more about what direction you see your music going?

I’m still a baby at this and I don’t think I have a sound just yet. The next six months of this year, from July for about a year will be about me tailoring my sound and finding the direction I’d like to go in musically. It’s just all about exploring and things developing naturally.

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