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ANGELINE is a modern contemporary Illustrator dedicated to her story. The strongest attribute to her skill was her life surroundings She says "At high school I remember spending my whole biology class just sketching other people" 

"it seemed a good idea at the time, until I got caught out by the teacher who proceeded to rip out the pages of my book leaving the limp outer cover"

After high school She studied Graphic Design at Cape Technicon, 2nd major in Illustration this lead her creating imagery for children's books. "I participated in a campaign that in-turn produced a series of 4 educational books for Shuter and Shooter, and card illustrations"

Soon after her studies a fellow Tech graduate opened his own Ad Agency and invited her to join the team.

"My job there entailed visualisation and marker presentation work from initial ideas through to the final application. After 3 years I went freelance, specialising in marker presentation work, storyboards for film companies and ad agencies"

She enjoys working with exclusive airbrush rushing on clothing ranges, make-up and styling, themed props, murals and character design "I am a versatile artist and work in many mediums and applications including body paint and anime".

ANGELINE hinted out that out of all her specialities her drawing ability is truest to nature, through her art work she can fully interpret visual ideas whist sketching with speed and execution.

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