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South African band IV4 recently won the Converse Get Out Of The Garage competition. The  band received the unforgettable experience of travelling to New York  to record with a world class sound engineer, Jason Finkel and the team at Converse Rubber Tracks. 

The band describe their adventure as nothing short of fantastic as it gave them the one-of-a-kind experience of meeting new thought-provoking people in a city filled with inspiration. Even though they were in a foreign  city where hard work was a part of their thrilling schedule, they were made to  feel at home which enabled them to bring out the best of their musical talents. 

“We were pushed to new levels, made to dig deep and honestly, we feel we emerged from the studio  time a different band - our perspectives broadened and with our minds more open”. New York not only gave IV4 new sights to see but gave them new knowledge which they will certainly never forget. 

You'll also be delighted to know that the Converse All Star Chuck ’70 Down limited edition is available in the following stores:

- Shesha Sandton and Melrose
- Xtrend Sandton
- Superbalist 

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