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At some point in everyone’s life they will have to become re-inspired, and reconnect with what truly drives and motivates them. People grow, interests change, and if you are a social innovator, maintaining your creative edge will help to keep your social venture thriving. The ability to be mindful can come in handy when you find yourself lacking inspiration and motivation. Think about these three suggestions the next time you find yourself in need of some creative inspiration:

1. Discover YOU. As your interests and ideas change over time, it is important to always be in a constant state of learning and discovery about who you are and what you want in life. Discover and question your own brand of creativity by trying new activities, contemplating divergent ideas, meeting new people, and making time for yourself every day. When you find yourself in a comfortable rut, sometimes experiencing a little discomfort helps to invigorate and motivate you to take action towards a new and exciting path.

2. Take action NOW. As the famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung once said, "You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do". Those who truly seek change, will do whatever it takes. Find out what it takes, and go do it! You don’t have to get it right the first time, or second. You don’t even have to finish right away. What’s important is that you start. Feeling insecure? Talk to like-minded people to gain support or enlist a trusted mentor to help your confidence and get advice. Feeling overwhelmed? Carry a pen and notebook with you to record thoughts or your mobile phone, most basic ones have note pad apps so no excuses! It is vital and a master tool to note anywhere and anytime you feel inspired. Above all, don’t be afraid of where this may take you, as there is always the opportunity to learn something new.

3. Make sure it’s FUN! If you are going to set out to become inspired, it’s definitely going to be more challenging if you don’t plan to have fun along the way. Part of re-discovering what motivates you, is doing the things that you are passionate about. Spending time doing the things you enjoy doesn’t have to be frivolous, hobbies can strengthen skills and create new opportunities for learning and adventure. It’s up to you to take the plunge!

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