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We all have a path, a journey that is lived out through our lives and envisioned with our dreams. Finding your way is never a simple pursuit in this rugged and busy stream of animated experiences called life. 

The foundations of constructing a castle in the sky are the hardest; they need patience as they are painful and hard. It is your experience that will uncover hidden truths and aid you in your journey. 

Through your quest of endurance you will soon learn to take the winters as they come and enjoy the warmth of the Sun while it last, it is all part of an inevitable cycle of the ultimate design. 

Nature true relationships and never forget to love from the heart for all is One. Realize that everything worth living for is gained through dedication, discipline and unmoved focus. It is the choices we make that get us ever closer in reach of our true calling. 

A masked reality of hope will arise and you will be given a thought that will force you make a choice. Giving up half way in is never an option; learning to take the tides of your world will keep you strong and ground you below. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings deception and mirages are all around you. 

Today begins your voyage in crafting your path of self Seeking. It is at this moment that you will refrain from looking into the future, be present and live each moment as its own never compared with eyes of the past.

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