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KIA Motors South Africa is embarking on what will be the World’s Longest Test Drive, for the launch of the all-new KIA Sportage, right here in South Africa during the week of 14 to 20 October. The test drive will kick off in Durban and end off at Cape Point, conquering six of the nine provinces over the seven-day record attempt.

The World’s Longest Test Drive will not only be the longest in distance, but also the biggest. Featuring a fleet of 10 vehicles, the event will bring together hundreds of consumers from all across the country as they test drive a part of the route in a relay in the hope of winning an all-new KIA Sportage. “As the vehicle that revolutionised the compact SUV market – and the KIA brand –in South Africa, the all-new Sportage will make a bold statement when it launches locally in October,” says David Sieff, Marketing Director of KIA Motors South Africa.

“It’s a vastly improved vehicle in every way, and will prove itself over the duration of the World’s Longest Test Drive as the ultimate compact SUV for South African families.” The 3000-odd-kilometre test drive relay will be filmed every step of the way thanks to active dashcams, drones and a 24-7 film crew as part of the event. The route will be accompanied by local and international KIA spokespeople, local artists and celebrities, as well as Instagrammers such as Lebo Lukewarm and Mike Eloff.

As part of bringing the people of South Africa together like never before, KIA Motors will also be giving back to the communities on the route by delivering educational supplies to schools in need. For more information, as well as detailed terms and conditions Kia World Record.

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