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Dickies is renowned and recognized as the quintessential American workwear brand, and has reserved that notion for the past 100 years. That’s an entire century. With this heritage in mind, Dickies has launched a premium capsule collection that draws upon the Dickies craftsmanship history this SS16.

Aptly named, Dickies 1922, the collection features limited edition pieces that have been crafted and created in the same authentic way that Dickies merchandise was produced when Dickies was birthed in 1922. The Dickies 1922 collection ultimately captures the essence of old-school quality with a modern twist. The range features four items that form the core of the collection and fall under the “uniform” theme. This includes two long sleeved shirts and two trouser styles that can be purchased either hemmed or cuffed – thereby allowing the Dickies customer to make a unique personal choice without compromising on workmanship.

Dickies 1922 pieces carry the Dickies ‘brush mark’ logo in grey, yellow and red, which has been reproduced from the original archives. Dickies 1922 is committed to their heritage, and for that reason, pieces from the collection have been drafted and created at the original Uvalde, Texas Dickies Factory. Over the years, Dickies has cemented itself as being synonymous with the greatness of the old-school American worker, and has further solidified this with the 1922 collection. From the 20th October 2016, the Dickies 1922 collection will be exclusively available for purchase at Blackwood Brothers in Cape Town.

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