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Vintage Zionist focuses on ushering in a new era in the vintage clothing retail market. Armed with rock and roll inspired design ethos, Vintage Zionist creates its looks and styles by revamping, recycling, up cycling, deconstructing and redesigning clothing as well as accessories.

The overarching aim being that of creating on- trend cohesive ranges. “The brand has adopted as its core style ‘The Leather Jacket.’ This timeless item of clothing will consistently be the encore of all our t-shirts, trousers, dresses and other classic basics introduced to the retail market”, says Vintage Zionist Creative Director, Oscar Ncube.

The leather Jacket is a prime example of how the brand focuses on up-cycling clothing to feed the vintage market. The jackets are made of used retro 80’s and 90's leather apparel which are then deconstructed, redesigned, and accessorized in keeping up with current trends.

Mandy Newman, Business Developer at Vintage Zionist had the following to say of their SA Fashion week debut: “We are extremely excited about our SA Fashion Week debut, This was a show not to be missed. We rocked our audience’s socks off with our Heavy Metal inspired collection.” 

Vintage Zionist aspires to design and produce leather products that will not add to the need for more animal skin in the name of fashion. By investing in a Vintage Zionist leather jacket you are supporting sustainability within the fashion industry. Vintage Zionist, the rebirth of Apparel!

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