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Studies show that humans consume thousands of bits of plastic every year. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. A group of multinationals wants to change this. They want to save our home, Earth. They have therefore joined forces to launch the Cape Town Biodegradable Festival (#CTBF) on 29 February 2020 at De Waal Park in Cape Town.

The CTBF began not so long ago in South Africa when a small group of friends wanted to make a difference to the environment. Later, more volunteers came on board.

The CTBF team has now grown to encompass a total of 19 members from South Africa, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Argentina. Eleven of these members are South Africans from various cultures and backgrounds. Each team member brings a special skill to the festival with one common goal: To Help Save the Planet.

The #CTBF is spearheaded by project architect and owner of Red Cup Village, Luvuyo Ndiki, in association with Vulisizwe Community Development NPC.  The FNB Business Innovation Awards 2019 Finalist also launched South Africa’s first 100% locally produced biodegradable cup made from corn-starch and sugarcane.

“The rapid increase of single-use plastic around the world is accelerating climate change, and South Africa is now known as a climate change hot-spot,” says a passionate Ndiki.

“This is more evident than before with rising temperatures, droughts, flooding, and unpredictable weather in our country. The goal of the #CTBF is to raise environmental awareness, promote recycling and motivate consumers to use fewer plastic bags. We aim to help build sustainable communities, as well as local entrepreneurs, to stimulate green economic growth in South Africa.”
Cape Town is set to be one of the first African cities to host an annual biodegradable festival. This will focus on educating the community about single use plastic alternatives, including biodegradable products and waste management.

A plastic bag has only a 12-minute lifespan. But it can remain in landfills and oceans for up to 1000 years!

South Africa recycles a mere16% of its plastic every year. The rest of the plastic ends up at landfill locations.  Most of the waste, however, is washed into rivers - thanks to wind, littering, improper waste management, overflowing landfills and more - eventually ending up in the ocean.

It is a sad reality that 8 million metric tons of discarded plastics end up in the ocean every year!

The Western Cape Department of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning supports the Cape Town Biodegradable Festival.
. Says Marius du Randt, Head of the Ministry: “We support and appreciate the contribution of the Cape Town Biodegradable Festival to improve the environment of our City and Province and to educate the general public”.

The #CTBF 2020 takes place at De Waal Park, a public park and heritage site with over 120 species of trees, in Oranjezicht, Cape Town on 29 February 2020 from 10 am until 10 pm.
Some #CTBF Highlights:

In collaboration with private sectors, the Start-up Incubator brings together pioneer organisations and businesses from different areas. These include green tech, circular economy, sustainable food production and agriculture, ethical fashions and designs.
This space provides a platform for new change-makers with innovative ideas and it encourages collaboration.

The Think Tank is an “ideas lab” located right in the heart of the festival to promote environmental innovations and to encourage the exchange of ideas. The aim is to raise awareness and promote an understanding of the biggest ecological issues in the world.
We welcome change-makers such as iconoclastic thinkers, scientists, activists, artists, sociologists and other leading figures who will be leading round tables, conferences and screenings.

Screened in the tents in the Think Tank, festival goers can travel the planet through the eyes of various international directors, getting unique insights into the world.

In addition, festival lovers can enjoy live performances from various artists, diverse food and drinks, a kiddie’s zone, plenty of biodegradable products for sale, as well as a beer garden.

Limited Early Bird Tickets Available

Limited early biodegradable bird’s tickets are now available at web ticket from R30 – R180.

#CTBF welcomes collaboration! We invite anyone who wants to be part of the Festival to make contact via the #CTBF website: and social media pages:

Facebook: @capetownbiodegradablefestival

Twitter: @FestCape

Instagram: cape_town_biodegradable_fest

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