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Scotch and soda's nomads are on the move and in search of the Blauw Holy Grail. They travel across sun-drenched mountains, customizing and personalizing their uniforms to descend upon a festival in the desert. Here, they burn the neon night away dancing in the sand. The journey continues into the bright daylight, collecting sunshine and trinkets on route, in search of the land of voodoo fruit, where all is bright, colourful and wrapped in blue. In their re-coloured travellers uniform, in search of the ultimate nomadic festival – inspired by the desert-based Burning Man. Soaking in the rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere, colours are sanded shades of black, white and salt grey with shots of lemon sunshine and every shade of blue. Washes are dried and broken versions of classic blues, blacks and greys. Check out our tribute to the quest for the perfect blue; ‘15th Heaven’, celebrating 15 seasons of Amsterdam’s Blauw. Don’t miss ‘Blue Charm’ and ‘Sulphur Dust’, inspired by washed and worn ‘half and half’ fabric blocking and a touch of street wear. Key patterns include the ‘X’ all-over monochrome print, acid bananas and hand painted dots in many styles. For the second part of our adventure, our “Sunshine Collectors” arrive in the land of Voodoo Fruit. Inspired by the psychedelic paintings from Salvation Mountain and the fruity collages of artist Daniel Gordon, we created a mystical place full desert dream.
We love the ‘Sun Drench’, a fresh, perfect stonewash, along with the bright blue over dye on ‘Burning Neon’. Layers of vibrant blues are topped with a cocktail of watermelon, voodoo green, apple and raspberry. Prints are covered in fruits and marble effects. The dots story continues, translated into multi-coloured embroideries and prints on indigo. Lot 22 is the premium denim range within the Amsterdams Blauw collection. directional fabrics. This season we decided to play with the idea of colourful denim voodoo. Traditionally in voodoo, the colour green is the symbol of health and luck and the colour pink is a symbol of friendship and dedication. You will see the fresh green coming back as a signature on our new labeling, metal We continue the stripe story at Home Alone.
Don’t miss the fresh construction details, updates on the old favourites and the pieces that can be worn by all. Each style is identical no matter the size, and has been carefully scaled up or down. This line is available in 6 sizes, the idea big, long and baggy- it’s up to you. The colour palette is fresh cobalt and classic white, inspired by the brand colours of Amsterdams Blauw. The pieces in the the French worker jacket, the timeless Breton, the bold graphic sweat and the hand written printed tee. So go and pick your Uni.

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