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Showing posts with label BRANDS | LIFESTYLE | CLOTHING | CULTURE | AWARENESS | LIVING | DENIM. Show all posts

Follow your passion with impulse wherever you may go, as this feeling is most true and it will surely encourage and push you towards your purpose. Building a dream from the ground up could prove to be demanding and exhausting – but above all, it is most rewarding. Leave your doubt at the door and keep going. You can’t stop now, you can’t hold back when everything you’ve worked for awaits your presence – to continue forth, to reap the rewards and inspire the dreamers who share a similar vision and are headed in the same direction.

Tshepo Mohlala, the Prince of Denim, has been a part of reputable and successful businesses, including his latter, the South African premium denim brand, Afrikan Swiss. He felt adventurous, restless and more than anything, he felt incomplete. So, he left the groundwork and the stability to start his own enterprise; TSHEPO the Jean Maker. He garners on and revels in his pursuit, driven by a fondness to represent his true artistic self.

How long have you been working on your clothing line and why did you choose ‘TSHEPO the Jean Maker’ as the brand name?

I've been working on the brand since February and it came to life months later. I wanted to create a signature brand as the likes of Versace, Levis, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, and Ralph Lauren. Only this time, such a brand would be produced locally.

Leaving Afrikan Swiss as the co-founder and Marketing Director, was it a difficult decision to make? What encouraged you to stick to your guns?

Leaving Afrikan Swiss wasn't an easy decision to make because the team and I worked hard to create what Afrikan Swiss is known for today. I wanted more and I needed to challenge myself. I love creating great functional everyday wearable jeans that are affordable and of great quality. This fuelled courage drove an undying urge to pursue me, the guys gave their blessings and they support my choice.

Where will you be selling the clothing from and when do you plan on introducing the jeans for your female market?

I am currently selling the jeans online. People who are interested in owning a pair can place an order by reaching us through known channels. My design team and I are working on a range that we will launch and thereafter introduce jeans for our female market.

What pieces are readily available to your customers at the moment? How often will you be releasing new designs?

We have created and perfected our first design - the straight slim-fit cut which is suitable for everyday wear. They are functional and practical for any occasion and activity. Our brand focuses on creating classic jeans with a touch of modesty. We will be releasing three other cuts.

What sets your jeans apart from your competitors? Are you bringing something distinct to your brand?

TSHEPO jeans are designed and produced locally, with quality material. Our cut is perfectly tailored for African men.

You have three other specialists who are part of TSHEPO the Jean Maker. Why did you choose to work with them specifically?

I’ve recently rearranged my initial team and we are in a process of working with a PR company and other specialists who have in-depth knowledge of their fields. These are people with experience, business and industry knowledge and it is important for us to partner with people who are dedicated as much as we believe in the brand.

What has been the most challenging and rewarding part of starting a new business in such a fiercely competitive market?

Cash flow is a challenge in starting a new business. It takes confidence to compete in this saturated billion-dollar industry. It is encouraging and rewarding to witness people supporting a new denim brand in the market.

Why launch the brand now, Was it a strategic move?

We had no other reason to wait longer, our first pair of pattens were ready. This is also an introduction phase for the brand, to get people familiar and formally introduce our clients to it.

You launched the jean brand at +Jozi Hub, the space is a cultural center, how was that experience for you.

The most important aim was to show people what we have created and to allow personal interactions. The response we received was amazing even though it was a cold night. People still came and we were humbled.

What have you planned for the coming year? Are you working on any projects?

We are planning to launch three other cuts and introduce more product mixes. Our greatest goal is to create a home for our brand and gain a larger clientele.

Who knew you’d be part of the things you’re doing now? Who knew you’d succeed when you pushed and tried one more time? Nothing happens by chance; everything you do builds on to who you are and what you’re meant to become. So don’t doubt yourself, take in everything that’s around you and make it all a part of you. What stops you? Push past the doubt and pull towards your aspirations.

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Sithembiso Promise Xaba | Words That Start With P

It’s time to experience the Open Road with Wrangler. Wrangler is searching for True Wanderers who will unleash their adventurous spirit and only the True Wanderers will get R5000 cash towards their journeys to capture their wanderer spirits and stand a chance to win a Triumph Bonneville Motorbike worth R100,000 as the ultimate grand prize.  

The search for the True Wanderer is not just a competition. It is meant to create a community within South Africa, with several countries participating.  Road trips are more than driving miles; they are about your zeal for adventure and quest for discovery.  ThiSantasearch is for people who are inspired by the free spirit of the Open Road. 

Participants can make an entry in the form of previous traveling experiences with stories on to www.wranglertruewanderer.com. The entries will be judged by an online poll and validated by a panel of judges where 5 lucky submissions will be offered R5000 towards their True Wanderer journey.

The selected finalists will be styled in Wrangler Denim gear and will have little to worry about while taking on the open road. Whether they go by bike, foot or car, all they have to do is to share their experiences through photos, videos and blog about the day’s events and upload their road trip experiences on www.wranglertruewanderer.com.  

Based on the quality of content submitted by each finalist, votes received and blogs validated by a panel of judges, a winner will be selected and rewarded a Triumph Bonneville Motorbike worth R100,000Last but not the least, the True Wanderer will be awarded the title of Wrangler True Wanderer.

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Wrangler SA | Brand Ambassadors | Denim

Wrangler, the original American outdoor denim brand, is committed to the free spirit and is inspiring denim lovers everywhere to be TRUE Wanderers, keep searching, keep exploring and keep going. While they have always been believers in the power of the journey, in 2015 they are about the destination. They are hitting the open road with a purpose.

“Wrangler is a quality denim brand for the adventure enthusiast. For this shoot, it happened across this commercial forest and it was just a perfect fit for the lookbook. I’m really happy with the story we were able to tell,” says photographer, Tyron Bradley. Grant Payne, who assisted on the lookbbook shoot, adds on, “It was a very laid back shoot. We had the rugged looking Craig Webster modeling for the first time and he pulled off every look in true Wrangler style.”

Wrangler also salutes their heritage through their Proud to Be Blue collection. No one is more ‘proud to be blue’ than the ones who live and breath denim - the people whose lifestyles demand them to look good, while having the utility provided by a rugged pair of jeans.

Check out the rest of the images from the Wrangler Winter 2015 lookbook  here
. The collection will be available at Stuttafords stores from 27th February 2015.

Information supplied by Brand Ambassadors
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/WranglerSouthAfrica
Twitter - @Wrangler_SA
Instagram - @wranglersouthafrica

Wrangler embraces the trend for building palettes and looks from a singular colour in multiple hues. Across the men’s range, they have a key colour palette called “Proud to Be Blue”, an expanded blue range from deep,
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